Displaying Search data as per Users Search Criteria


I’m a building a project where I have a Service Provider Offering a service with different packages and the user should be able to search and request a service of their choice.

The SP can store data on the database.

The struggle I am facing is posting that data from the database to the user who is requesting a service. I have created a repeating group where a list of Packages from SP’s should be listed and a user should select the package from the SP of their Choice.


Do you have a Thing that pairs users with their selections?
Looks like you need a type called something like “userServices”. Then when user clicks on a package you would have a workflow to create a userService for the Current User and the Package they selected.
Then you could add a conditional to your existing RG to show the userServices with constraint of User = Current User. or create a separate RG with that as the source.

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Thank you very much @SerPounce. You led me in the right direction :+1: I can now display data inserted by the SPs to the server and I can now read it to the users who must select the package. Thank you very much. :man_dancing:

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