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Hi Bubblers -

I have 3 Data Types; Business, Event and User. I’m trying to show search results on one page using parameters taken from another page but I can’t get the results to show.

Data Type 1 - “Business”
Data Type 1 - Field = “Business Type” (Grocery Stores, Restaurant, etc)
Data Type 1 - Field = “City”
Data Type 2 - “Event”
Data Type 2 - Field = “Event Name” (Christmas, Labor Day, etc)

“Show me Grocery Stores [Business Type] in New York [City] open on Christmas [Event Name].”

Thanks for your help!

I’ve tried to answer your question with a video walk-through.

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Rico - Thank you so much for taking the time to record this video for me. Super helpful and it did help answer my question!

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