Displaying The Right Items After Clicking View/RepeatingGroup

So I finally made progress with my app but no I am facing a new problem. I have a repeating group displaying a list of items with the item page being programmed to “Search For Items:first.” Here is where I come into a problem. When I hit the view button on my repeating group of the first item it brings me to the item page of the first item. Now for the second one, after I hit the view button it brings me to the first item’s page. This is of course having the item set to first. How I tried setting the list to random as that fixed the problem but like its name says, the page will start to randomize.

How do I display the correct item? It seems like a simple fix but I’m not sure how.

Solved. Here is a video hidden. I’m shocked that Bubbles’ videos are unlisted. They can help a lot. https://www.makerpad.co/tutorial/creating-a-marketplace-app-on-bubble

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