Displaying two fields for each selected user in a text box

I’m trying to create a text box that will display information to my user that will tell them if a user that they’ve selected has noted any particular dislikes in their user profile.
The logged in user selects as many others users as they want from a Repeating Group - that works fine and they’re saved in a Custom State called “CSSelectedUsers”.
I now want to display a text box that simply says, for instance “Bob doesn’t like citrus fruit and Emma doesn’t like fish” but all I can create is “Bob, Emma is allergic to Nuts, Fish”. Is there a way to achieve this?

Currently the Dynamic Data in my text box says:

"PopUpUserSelector’s CSSelectedUsers FirstItem’s FirstName does not like PopUpUserSelector’s CSSelectedUsers FirstItems DislikeItems" so I can see why it doesn’t work but is there a way to remedy this?

Obviously the other issue is that there could be any number of Users in CSSelectedUsers.

Any help is greatly appreciated.