Displaying unique groupings when using " Group by"

I am want to display FAQs using a repeating group. These FAQs have categories and I am using these as grouping. When I display these FAQs I want only the first FAQ of each category to display the grouping/category.

I know I need to use conditionality on Group display. I just can’t figure it out.

Is it possible without stacking multiple RGs?

Thanks for your help.

You can check out this link to see how I handled FAQs

It is really a full blown help center.

I am using conditionality to make the groups visible…I am using a single RG and changing the datasource based on the URL.

Pay attention to the URL when navigating through the help center articles and sections.

Here is a link to the forum TIP I put up about how to create the dynamic breadcrumb navigation

For the repeating group on the category aspect of things, I am not using group by…instead it is a simple search constraint to only show the articles that belong to the chosen category.

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@boston85719 This is really helpful not just for logic but for design as well. Thanks so much for sharing this :grinning: . I will use this for account FAQs as the categories will be static.

Is there a way to show unique Groupings though?

I really want to know as I can use the same concept when displaying products grouped by dynamic categories. Something of this sort:

I know RG in RG is an option but I believe Grouping will be more efficient for capacity.

I would again just use the search constraint on these and not use grouping…if all of these are a single data type of ‘product’ there would surely be a field called category and you’d just set up the search to have the constraint on the category.

You can do this by making the category an option set…the field on the datatype of product would be the option set…then you can have a repeating group which will be the option set and inside of that the nested repeating group will have the datasource to be search for products constraint of category is current cells category.

So single RG shows all categories and nested RG shows all products of that category type.

That would be as dynamic as you could get and don’t need to use group by

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Makes sense. I like the idea of option sets. I wish we had a way to update option sets using the database triggers.

Again, appreciate your help :grinning: