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Displaying, updating, & adding things of related - but not the same - type

I have a type “Album’s”, and another type "Track’s", type “Album’s” has a composite field (and is also a list field) called “Tracks”, and type “Track’s” has additional field’s for example Track Name, Rank, Tempo Etc.

I have a group with input elements serving like a form to fill in info for a specific album, and i want the user to be able to:

  1. See all Tracks already connected to this Album.

  2. Add new track’s related to this album.
    This will also create new thing’s in the “Track’s” type, at the same time have it related to this specific Album.

  3. Choose from already-entered tracks in the database, and have it listed and connected to this specific album.
    Basically the user should be able to choose from a list of tracks, and the tracks that will be selected by the user will be added to the form and become related tho this specific album.

  4. Add additional info to the tracks (like Tempo).
    Not only the Name of the track which is the only field that also shows up in the “Album” type, but also other info that only shows up in the “Track’s” type, this will modify the edited “Track’s” thing.

It seems like too many questions, but u can see it as a single question:

How do u displaying, update, & add things of related - but not the same - type, while have it related to the thing the group represents?