Displaying User Information in a Repeating Group

I know this should be a simple solution but I have exhausted my limited mental resources trying to figure this out. I am building what can be reduced to a simple golf database website. Users make a profile and can track their rounds. I was able to build it so that users can select from a database of courses, add their own course to the database, and favorite their courses instead of searching the database. That all works fine. I have a user profile page that track lifetime stats of the user (such as greens hit and putts), but I want to build a way for the user to review their individual rounds after the fact.

I have built a type into my database named “Round Information” that tracks all the important information associated with a given round. When a user finishes a round I have created the workflow to “create a new thing” associating all of the tracked stats into the “thing” in the database.

I have tried establishing my database under the User Type a field titled “Past Rounds” which is a list of “Round Information” then on a page creating a repeating group with the content type “Round Information” and the Data Source “Current User’s Past Round” Inside that repeating group, a group with the content type “Round Information” and Source “Current Cell’s Round Information” then a text box that displays the “Parent Group’s Round Information’s Round Title”

As far as I know this should have worked, since that is the way I built it to display user favorited courses and that works perfectly, so I am not sure where the disconnect is coming from. This is the last step I need in completing the core functionality of my idea and I am out of ideas on how to fix it.

Thanks in advance.

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So have you created a new data type for the road information?

You could try to add the user as a field in this data type? Then search roads and only show roads where current user is the user