Displaying Weather Data From Ajax In Bubble With SimpleWeather.Js


This is made possible using a JQuery plugin called simpleWeather. Please refer to http://simpleweatherjs.com/ for all the information about this plugin.

It’s pretty simple to implement in code. As seen here

var loadWeather = function(location, woeid) {
  return $.simpleWeather({
    location: location,
    woeid: woeid,
    unit: 'f',
    success: function(weather) {
      $('.temperature').html(weather.temp + '°' + weather.units.temp);
      $('.climate_bg').html('<i class="icon icon-' + weather.code + '">');
      $('.humidity').text(weather.humidity + '%');
      return $('.windspeed').text(weather.wind.speed + weather.units.speed);
    error: function(error) {
      return $('.error').html('<p>' + error + '</p>');

loadWeather('Chicago, IL', '');

My question is how can I utilize this in Bubble?

did you already solve this problem?