Disqus plugin sending people to /version-test

Wondering if any of the other 2,500+ apps using the Disqus plugin are experiencing this problem. I’ve gotten strange reports over the last few days that people are reaching the my /version-test site. Took me awhile to trace the source, and I believe it is my Disqus implementation. Specifically, when Disqus itself sends EMAILS to users about replies (or to me about moderating comments), any links back to my site are to my /version-test site. There is nothing in my Disqus settings that points to /version-test. So my only conclusion is that I (or Bubble) has misconfigured it. Here’s my configuration:

I’m going to play around with the configuration, specifically the Disqus URL variable, which according to Disqus’ documentation (JavaScript configuration variables | Disqus) could be in play. I imagine that this may solve the problem, so I hesitate to call this a “bug” from a Bubble standpoint, but it does seem wrong that Disqus can even possibly be picking up /version-test here.

If anyone has similar experiences, please share your solution. Thanks!


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