Divide bubble development time by 10


There are more and more people eager to hire Bubble Developers.
As a consequence there are more and more Pro bubble Devs.

I am a part of those and I am quite tired of rebuilding the same features again and again.
I would love to have my personal features library that i can plug and play with on any project.

For example :

  • i build a chat for an app.
  • Need achat for another app.

Instead of rebuilding the blocks and pages in the editor, creating data types associated with the chat (“conversation” / “message” / “sender” etc…) and all the workflows that go with it…

==> i would love to create my own chat module, put it in my personal library, like any classical dev would do to stack dev elements in their library.

And whenever i need it, i just :

  • add it to my project
  • map data from module, with data types from project (bubble would add non existing fields in the project data types that are needed in the module)
  • And that’s it !

==> Pages and reusable elements frome the module are added to the project, workflows from the module are added automatically to the project. All the front-end and back end elements are added automatically.

Please, don’t answer that there are bubble templates, Read my post again and see how different it is from what i am proposing.

Even better than plugins, fully functionnal bubble bricks !

Bubble divides development time by 10 ? lets make it 100 !
Could be a part of the marketplace also (could be sold or shared for free)

What do you think ?


Have a look at : https://www.openbuild.io/?tab=Navigation%201


Edit : Openbuild is just a library i can use. It doesnt allow me to create and store my own designs and workflows. It is actually a simple “UI shop”. Nice but far from what i had in mind !

Looks amazing. Pretty close from what described above.
i am not sure if the data types mapping between openbuild and my project in bubble is an actual feature of openbuild.io (didn"t go through the hole documentation yet)

Anyway, thanks a lot for this tip @TipLister !!


Take a look at AirDev’s Canvas @kevin12 @vlad



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Thanks for that !
Getting closer to my dream module directory. (will certainly use it in the future)

Yet… it appears that the “data” and “workflow” parts must still be done manually

Again thanks a lot for this suggestion !

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Hey @pro.sc.conseils, you can indeed store (and reuse) your own design components in your openBuild, that’s the idea of the private livbary. We are currently working on the v2, that will bring the possibility to import ‘widgets’ (component that will come with data structure and workflows) :wink:


Hello @mattmazzega i might not have spent enough time on your platform ! Sorry about that.
I’ll look at it again. :slight_smile:

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@mattmazzega Keep up the good work you guys, this is the missing link for Bubble! I use it all the time when I want to build examples for my clients. Very quick and easy to use. :blush::+1:

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Second that! @mattmazzega :+1:

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