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Dividing 2 GroupBy Values

I have a table with over 8000 records that I use a groupby: term to add 5 fields together based on their keyword. This data is displayed in RG. I then have a group of 10 fields that displays data from this RG (i.e. search term that highest value from sum1, etc). However, now I need to find the search term with the highest quotient of 2 fields.

For example, I need to the following (RG Data’s List of Grouping’s sum of Spend/RG Data’s List of Grouping’s sum of 7 Day Sales) sorted: first Item: Keyword Name value

This equation doesn’t work as is. It is just how I visualize it. The dividing of the 2 variables gives me a value called ACOS. I need the name of the of the keyword with the lowest ACOS, hence the sort and first item. Is there a way to do this server side?

I have no idea how to do this or if it can be done. Help would be greatly appreciated.

This is not going to be as easy in Bubble as you could do it in a SQL database. There is probably a way by using Backend workflows to create summarised tables. So one backend workflow to populate the first summary table, then another to summarise that table. It would be quite painful and very slow but I don’t know another way in Bubble.

You could connect to an external database. And process externally, this would work. People talk a lot about Firebase in the forum - @jared.gibb knows all about using Firebase as an external DB, and might be available to help.

Data processing isn’t really a good use case for Bubble, unless you process externally.

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Hmm. Processing 8,000 rows would be a pain in the ass in bubble sounds like a good use of an faas like Firebase cloud functions or AWS Lambda

If you’d wanna chat via video Or dm I’d be up for that! Wanna set up a time?

Maybe someone else has an idea here?

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