DNS - Sudden message pop?

Dear Bubble community.

@peterj @bubble

Iv been using Bubble now for 3 years solid pretty much every day iv always found it to be great performance across that time.

But! I woke up this morning to find this message and also a pop up with this message.

Absolutely nothing has been touched and I’ve also double checked with my domain registrar who has also confirmed that nothing has been touched.

Dose anyone know why would this happen? How do I fix it? Any additional information would be much appreciated.

Just for your information my app seems to be working fine and normal at the moment.

Thanks In advance.

I pushed a change to how we check whether a customer’s site is configured correctly for some edge cases, and broke the display for customers like you.

It’s the first thing I’ll be looking at in the morning.

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Thanks Peter!

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