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Do a search for an element

We can “do a search for” data which meets certain conditions such that the result of the search becomes part of an expression.

I’d like to be able to “do a search for” elements which meet certain conditions. The search should happen after the elements have finished their calculations.

The use case I’m thinking of at the moment is [scroll to] [first item] [do a search for] [an element] [type group] [data source’s whatever] [is] [123] (where “data source” is the group’s data source and “whatever” is a field on that thing). This way I could scroll the page to the element that’s been assigned a particular value after the page has figured out where that element is going to be. If it’s in a repeating group, full list, then just scroll to the element. If it’s in a repeating group, non-full list, then scroll to the repeating group and then scroll the repeating group to the element.