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Do a search for:count DOES NOT WORK

Creating an application that runs through items, and we then send it to an api.

The API structure is expecting data to follow an array and then have a value after that, so:

“0”:0, “1”:1, “2”:2, “3”:3, etc

We’ve been using this data types:count to effectively create this array. However, all of a sudden, do a search for:count DOES NOT WORK and ONLY ouputs 0s.


What’s interesting to note is that if I send this data through an API on a list, the outputted information is correct - it works - “0”:0, “1”:1, “2”:2, “3”:3, etc

If I use a workflow and have a ‘create thing’, and then assign the values as I had for the API on a list, that’s when I get 0’s.

A work around that only works once per workflow, where you then have to change the parameter?

Do a search for item’s item:count

*THEN, * the data outputs correctly, but only does so if you use it once per session. If you click the button we have set up again to run the workflow again, then the outputted information is again incorrect. I am going crazy.

I hope this makes sense. Basically, the count isn’t working, and when it does, it’s because it’s looking at the data inside the object, not the actual object itself - and it only works in an API list, not a standard ‘create thing’ workflow, despite the logic being the EXACT same.

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