"Do a search for" + ":each items" does not provide list of list


I am wondering about mangement of fields defined as list in results of “do a search for” combined with “:each items”.

Let’s imagine a data type Animal, provided with a simple field “size”, defined as integer.
Following a “Do a search for X”, a service enables to list every “size” like
“Do a search for” “:each items’size”. This retrieves a list of “size”, itself defined as an integer, then a list of integer.

Let’s image this Animal type is also provided with a “foods” attribute, defined as a list of string.
I would expect “Do a search for” “:each items’foods” retrieves a list of foods, itself defined as a list of string, then a list of list of string. Instead, a “simple” list of string is provided, “merging” every food of every Animal.

Without changing data base structure, would it be possible to access this list of list ?

Yes :+1:
And no…

You will not receive a “list of lists”, but a list with all the elements of all the lists.

Do you want to receive a list of lists?

Yes I would love to !

This is not the default behavior. So… you want your list in what format?

Can you give us more details about what do you expect?

This is the standard format for things like this (an Array):


I don’t really understand you question.

For exemple i use a plugin to download computed data into csv and each column is populated with a list (one instance per cell).
Having this “merged” list, each cela ne populated with only one instance and there are much too much cell in this column.

Can you provide more details and screenshots of your workflow, editor, database structure and the codes that you are using to download this data as a CSV? I think we can format these lines using javascript, but we will need more information in order to help you proprelly.