"Do a search for" execute API Connector endpoint


I have noticed a weird behavior in my application.

This is how my workflow looks like. I need to send as many messages as is defined in a specific variable.

  1. Set states Iteration - every iteration this state is incremented by 1
  2. Set states LessonDescription - I am searching for the specific item in table and retrieve the item when the index is equal to the iteration state number.
  3. Execute the API Connector endpoint and returning the result to the LessonsPushed state.
    4 Creating new thing for the database.
  4. Set state for new SendDate state.
  5. Run iteration again.
  6. Finish looping.

The problem is that the API Connnector endpoint is executing on the second step and also on the third step. I am thinking about this for three days and I can’t find a solution. What I found is that the “/version-test/elasticsearch/msearch” endpoint is executing (by bubble, not from API Connector) when the workflow executes the second step. As a result of this endpoint, there are values that are returning from the “Search for item” action.

Can someone tell me what is going on here? I have no idea why the API Connector endpoint is executing when I am doing the “Search for item”. Is it a bug or I don’t know something? I am not using anything that will execute the API Connector endpoint in this “Do a search for” action.

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Maybe someone know who can help me with that?

Any tips will be helpful

There’s some topic about order of operation and you can also read this manual part:

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Didn’t know why but this behavior stops when setting the scheduler for these API calls, for the time in the future. This also was not worked for scheduled tasks for current DateTime. Previously I was trying to use the scheduler from the service that I was sending the messages (they provide that functionality, all I had to do is to send the date that the user need to receive the message from their service). It’s started working when I change the Scheduled date from Current DateTime to SendDate (in the future) for a specific message. Till now I don’t know what was going on but finally, I did it works.

Tried also set the breakpoint for the method that was responsible for sending these messages but it didn’t fire when the first unwanted messages were sent

I also didn’t change the order of the steps, everything stayed the same… It’s weird


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