"Do a search for" filtering problem

I am having trouble working out how to filter to show a subset of data.

I have “EntryLogs” which are grouped under a “BatchLog”.

Each EntryLog has a field “Delete?” which is a Yes/No.

The Batchlog contains a list of all of Entrylogs under it. (i.e EntryLogs = List of EntryLogs)

What I want is to get a dropdown to show only BatchLogs where none of the EntryLogs “Delete?” fields = “Yes”.

Have played around with various combinations of filters and advanced filters but hitting a bit of a brick wall so any guidance would be appreciated - actually feel like its something fairly straightforward but maybe having a bit of a brainfart.


PS. I had thought a "Do a search for: Batchlog: Each items EntryLog’s Delete is “no” " would have worked but this apparently returns a list of Yes/No’s as opposed to a list of BatchLogs - just to clarify what I thought would work and have tried.

Do a search for Batchlogs:filter
Advanced: This batchlogs’s list of entrylogs:fitered (Delete = yes):count is 0

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for speed, it would be better to have a field in Batchlogs directly like “deleted entry” = yes/no
At the moment there’s on deleted, update this field
This way, you will be able to use that field to filter directly in the search

Worked a charm! Thank you!

You’re alternative method has merit to and will look to see if it’ll work in the context of my workflows.

Thanks again!

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