Do a search for - only items created by a user with confirmed email

Hi everyone

I want to show items in a repeating group where the items shown are only those created by a user with a confirmed email address rather than all those, including where created by someone who has not yet confirmed an email address. Can anyone help with creating the repeating group search that would enable this?


Here are 2 ways to do it…

Firstly, you could just use an advanced filter - i.e. search for Items, then add an advanced filter: this item’s Creator Email Confirmed is Yes.

The second way (how I would probably do it) is to add a “Creator’s Email Confirmed” field to the Item datatype.

Then just search for Items with the constraint Creator’s Email Confirmed is yes.

Just use a database trigger and a recursive workflow to update the Items when the User confirms their email.

Of course, it does depend on the specifics of your app, and how many Items you have in the database as to which approach will be best in your case, but I’d probably go with option 2 unless the number of Items in your database is fairly small (and will remain small).

Thanks very much, that makes sense. I’ll go with the second option. Thanks for you help.