Do a search for property adress is within - no possibility to set further range

I am experiencing a problem. I am currently building a platform similar to airbnb. On the index page I want to display all properties that are within a certain range of the current user’s address.
Until now I was always able to do a simple search for properties. As a constraint I put “Adress is within 300 km of the current users location”
For the constraint it now doesn’t let me put anything after “Adress is within …”
Anyone familiar with this problem?


I have the same problem

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Hi all,

File a bug report at

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Yup. Broken.

Also…if you pull a list of locations into a dropdown (for filtering a list) and then you tried to filter using that dropdown and ‘is with x km’ then it would cause an editor crash.

So I wonder if they ‘fixed’ that by removing it entirely :slight_smile:

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Yeah, but …

Bubble is now so slow at fixing bugs (they were nevery great, but it is now stupidly slow), that by the time they even bother to look at your bug report you have worked around it.

So basically you have to recreate the bug on a page and then leave it bugged, so they can investgate the bug.

Who has time for that? Seriously?


Same here. Can’t help but think that the frequency of these bugs is increasing… Whilst I’m appreciative of the strong community, we shouldn’t have to be bubble’s QA team


Same issue here…

Same. Frankly, these types of things, plus features people haven’t really asked for, are getting quite frustrating in the Bubble ecosystem…

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Same here, unfortunately

Now it only works partly in some search fields but in others not

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