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Hi Bubblers ! Is there a way to use result of “do a search for” for showing multiple FIELD values ?
For ex.: I have a DATATYPE “Property”. A Property has been identified using its UNIQUE ID in “do a search for” function. Now, for this Result, I need to show multiple FIELD values such as Floor Area, Postal Address, City, State, etc. So, how can the Single SEARCH Result be used to show multiple FIELD values, instead of performing SEARCH everytime ?

What you need to do is create a group, and the group source data is your search for this specific thing (in your case, a property). Within thr group, have text boxes, and each textbox is a different value, like ‘this Property’s Postal Address’ and another ‘this Property’s Zipcode’ etc.

Think of it this way: the search finds the main ‘thing’ (in your case, property) to populate the group, and then your text fields choose which values from that property to display.

Thanks ! @msgiblin .

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