Do all fields load when I load an object?

I have a real esate photography app.

A “Shoot” is a thing (a photography appointment). I let realtors choose the music for their video. Should I make a “music” field for the shoot? (and is this a “file” field if it’s just a URL to an outside amazon server? Or is it a text field (just the URL)

Is this bad structure? I was told that every time I load “shoots” bubble will also load every field (is it going to actually load the entire song if I just pull up a list of shoots?!

The alternative is to give it a video field and link to a video object (Which has the music field) this video will never be linked to anything other than this shoot. Is it still good practice to separate them into two objects when all the fields in the video could easily be assigned to the shoot?

Hi Jeff!
It will only load the URL to the file (the text “https…”), not the music file itself.

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