Do apps have separate resources for Development/Live Enviroments?

Hello all,

We’re thinking of running a load test on a bubble app that is already in production, as we’ve developed some new features that are completely separate from the old ones.

I’m if an app’s test environment crashing (exceeding capacity) will result in the live environment crashing. Last week we experienced a website crash from a spike in visitors, and I’d like to avoid causing another one of these by doing load testing on an app.

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Yes, live and test have the same capacity allocation. But you can copy your app for testing.


Thanks for the quick response, Emmanuel!

Are the apps in separate containers and is it possible they crash before being rate limited (on searches, workflows, etc)? We’re testing on an app which I think has 20 units of capacity. I guess we could assume a copied app would be 1/10 the capacity of that app?