Do Custom Events Prevent Async Issues?

If i have “Workflow A” with a large operation in step 1 (say counting 50,000 records), and a custom event is triggered in step 2. Will it wait for step 1 to be complete before moving on to the custom event?

I don’t think I can pass “result of step 1” because i’m just modifying a variable.

And does this behave any different in backend workflows?

Offhand, the customer event will not necessarily wait for step one.

Some thoughts:
You can split step 1 into first doing account and then setting the variable so you can send the count in the custom event of step 2; or you can put step1 into its own custom event which will have to be triggered before Step 2.

You should also realize that counting 50,000 records is not necessarily a large operation based on the filters and criteria that you’re using

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I do this :point_up_2:

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