Do every 5 sec: best practice?

While working on my map I’m implementing a couple of do every 5 sec workflows (which I’ll refer to as R-workflow below for “repeat workflow”).

Now as I’m doing this I wonder what the best practice is and I have a couple of questions on my mind:

  1. Are R-Workflows resource consuming (meaning the call and not so much the action)?
  2. Based on the answer to the above: how many can be reasonable added to an app?
  3. Is it better to have 3 separate R-workflows or to have a single R-workflow with 3 actions?
  4. What if the workflow execution is longer than the cycle the frequency?
  5. How fast can this be? I’ve once tried a 0.5 sec and it seemed to take it.

Do all these questions matter? :slight_smile:

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