Do groups store data in the group element?

Do groups store data in the element, similar to custom state? In a dynamic expression, are there performance benefits to referencing the group rather than the database directly? For example, I have an image element with dynamic data “parent group’s image URL” vs “Do a search for…”.

What are the benefits of using data source in groups?


Picture a scenario: in the group you have a user profile that includes 10 pieces of information, such as name, last name, phone, email, etc. You initiate a search for a user based on a URL parameter, applying this search across each of the text elements (e.g., searching by the user’s first name, email, and so forth). Later, if you need to modify the URL parameter name, you’d find yourself having to update the parameter in each of the 10 searches individually, rather than making a single change in a centralized data source and having all the searches refer to it.

I see. So it makes maintenance easier, but it still runs 10 searches so there is no performance benefit correct? I was thinking maybe it runs 1 search and stores in the parent group, then all of the child elements reference the data stored in the parent group. So the database is only queried once instead of 10 times. Is this not correct?

Yes the limit on searches is the main benefit, not the possibility of maybe having to change something

You’re right. Had the right idea and the wrong conclusion:)

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