Do I have to do a double search to get the same record?

OK, this happens often where I’m trying to display different information from the same record. Is there a way to do this without two searches, like a look at previous search? It seems silly that I have to do multiple searches, so I’m wondering if there is a simple thing I’m missing.

In the Screenshot I’m looking for both the Group’s Name and Leadership position on the same Data record.
Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 11.24.04 AM

You can assign the result of the search to a custom state either after an action or on page load and reuse it from there.

This is for the name of the people who are leaving comments on a page, so there might be multiple ones, so I’m not sure how to setup multiple States depending on how many comments there are.

You can add a list of People involved. At least, you will do a smaller search every time.

But, why are the names of commenters need to be queried each time? Are they not accessible from the comment data type somehow?

Do a search for Thing:format as text

so long as the Do a search for only returns one item.