Do I have to specify a Type of Content for each element

Hi Guys,

I’m wondering if I have to specify a type for each element ?

I noticed for some elements I didn’t fill in the Type of Content box, but it works just fine.

So, what is the point to have Type of Content specified ?

I thought: If I want to show different fields values from different data types in one element, I’d rather not specify the Type of Content, so I can important fields value more freely.

Am I wrong ?

Thanks !


you need to specifiy data type when the group behind is has the data you need or you are putting something in that group that needs to pull from or save to that datatype. such as an input.

if you make a group and put a repeating group in it and so a search for things dont dont need to reference the parent groups data type, then you could leave it empty

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You only “need” to do that if you want to use them as data containers, which is useful at times, but that feature is essentially orthogonal to their purpose as layout organizers.

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