Do I need pro plan?


I created a bubble app quite simple with a popup for login, a video player for desplay livestream and a repeting group + 1 input text for a chat feature.

I have 5 workflow with from one to five action.

Its a hosting webinar app.

Next month, only for one day, for two hours, I expect 2.000 user comming in the same time, login, watching the livestream and using little bit the chat.

Should I worry about server power and go with the pro plan for this month or it should work without problem for sure ?


If you’ve followed best practices for performance, I imagine you’d probably be fine. I would recommend setting yourself a timer to go hit the Confirm Boost button in your settings though haha. If it is only for 2 hours a month, you can use that button up to 3 times a month for an hour each. It’ll give you the same capacity as a Pro plan. Keep an eye on your capacity usage and if you are spending too much time at 100% capacity, you can choose to upgrade then and there and changes are effective immediately.

Guess you didn’t like my replies in the other thread where you asked this question.

Best of luck, Clem.


Hi Mike,

I loved your answer on the other thread, but here is something different from my point of view.

First question was : can I use pro plan only for one day ? The answer is yes but I need to pay for one all month, then I have a 1 month credit.

From this answer, I asked myself : do I really need a pro plan for mu simple app even with many user ?

That’s why I wanted to create a post to ask : do I need the pro plan ?

And finally maybe I don’t need it and I can save money !

I hope it’s clearer for you,

All the best,

Well, for what it’s worth, nobody will be able to tell you what plan you need or assure you that you will be okay on a lower plan. Like flowtron said, you could boost your capacity on the Personal plan and monitor it closely, but nobody is really going to be able to answer your question with any degree of certainty, which is why I tried to give you insight from my actual experience.