Do I need to design the database beforehand or not necessarily?

I deleted genders and preferences and I redesigned all in USER. I simulated a Signup but there is nothing in the USER database except the email of the new user

It’s frustrating :cold_face:

Could the fix be in the “data to be sent…”?

Hey! I see you have made the changes and redesigned all in user.

There are several ways to do this:
You can use groups in the same page, Step 1 Step 2 and Step 3 and at the same time Sign user up and create all the info for all the fields can be done with Custom States
image This was hard for me at first, and had to watch it several times over.

The other way is just like you have it right now, SIgn the user up and the send them on to a profile page and have them complete all fields needed and since the User is signed up you dont need to send data over to the profile page, once they complete the fields and they click save so the info is added on the data base; You will use Make changes to a Thing and this should be done to the Current user (user thar is currently signed in)

Once they hit the save option for the workflow I use an Alert to let them know data is being saved or updated and use Make changes to a thing from the CUrrent User

Here is the link for the dessert app in the Bubble Knowledge base, pretty useful for the first app, short and straight to the point videos.

Hope this helps.

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