Do I need to have my own company?

Hi there!
I came up with some business idea. I don’t know if it will work but to test the MVP I am going to use Bubble in order to create web application. I would need to have a sign in/sign up feature - this means user would have to give his email or more of these kind of information.
Please tell me: Do I need to have my own company in this case? Do I need to worry about RODO?
I live in Poland, I only want to test the idea, I am not planning any payments in this web app (at least for now).

Thank you for the answer in advance!

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You can do all that, it’s only a web application. Just don’t advertise it is a actual filed business.

Thank you for the reply!
But what if someone actually sign up? Having in mind RODO (GDPR) - who will be responsible for keeping data like emails or names? Is it my concern or bubble already handles it as those actually are their servers?

It’s not only about who stores the data, but who processes it. You are processing their data so you have to comply with GDPR as you are considered the owner and data controller.

I believe @GregoryKing answer is incomplete. I believe he means you can do all that without being a business, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to comply with regulations as an individual including GDPR.

However, every country has their regulations of what is considered a business and what isn’t. You should investigate about polish regulations on this matter. This is probably not the right forum for that.

GDPR -> Yes, you are processing users email(of EU citizens).
Start company -> Check regulations in Poland for commercial activity. I would say no, but you never know. Better seek professional advice or ask this question in a entrepreneurial polish forum. Ideally the former.