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Do Not See Responsive Check Box & General On Page Setup

When I create a new app, I’m wanting to use a full width background with a centered layout @1170/1180 width and of course responsive. Ive looked and looked at other apps, opened them in design view, and some have a little checkbox that says something like Use Responsive Design Mode or rendering, see screen shot below.

For some reason I can’t get the image to go outside the centered body, thinking that may have been it.

Appreciate it, we are newbies and have went thru much of the training, videos, articles, and trying to get ramped up asap. I seem to be missing something simple here to get backgrounds to fit the entire browser like for hero’s sections, or footer, etc.

Appreciate any help, we look forward to giving back as soon as we get some of the newbie stuff out of the way.

So this box and the Stripes options are deprecated. Instead what you do is uncheck the box ‘This page is fixed width’ at the page level. once you’re done with that the elements will stretch.

If you do not want all elements to be stretched to the edges, just use a group in the center and apply a max-width to it.

I strongly recommend watching the 17-min video for the responsive settings.

Thank you. Where is the video located? Ive looked but could be missing it. Appreciate the info, that should get me by and will look for It now. Thanks again. -> “Understanding responsive settings”