Do plugins purchased one-time come with lifelong updates?

I see that we can purchase a perpetual license for plugins, but does this come with lifelong updates? Or is that only for monthly subscriptions.

Thank you!

Updates for life on paid and monthly plugins, I.e however long the developer maintains it of course.

While what @lantzgould says is true, note that the options for Bubble plugin subscriptions are quite limited (and have been for YEARS) and this affects subscribers/buyers and plugin developers alike. Note that there’s nothing keeping a Bubble plugin developer from stopping support for some paid plugin and moving the next version to a new version that requires re-purchase in order to gain access to new capabilities (and why should there be?). But, as long as the plugin dev stays around and chooses to release new versions, as a purchaser you’d have access to them.

Note that there’s no notification mechanism for plugin updates so it’s worth checking your editor’s plugins tab every now and then to see if some plugin says “(Can Upgrade)” meaning that a newer/updated version of the plugin is available.

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