Do search: item from# input value + 1

I’m trying to delete items in a list from a particular index / number that is determined by the an input’s value onward. The problem I’m having is actually want to use the input’s value + 1 and I don’t seem to be able to do so.

I’m using the “Delete a list” action like so:

List to delete:
Search for objects: items from # input’s value

When I try to add + 1 after the inputs value it disappears / is rejected

List to delete:
Search for objects: items from # input’s value + 1

How can I use the input’s value +1?

have you used the following experimental feature? I believe this is what you need to enable in order to add 1 to the inputs value


From my “I’m not proud of it, but it might work” box of coding:

Would this work?

Cycle through each element in your first list.
If it should NOT be deleted, then do an add item to a second list.

This will give you a new second list of the list items that you want to keep.

When you are done cycling through your first list, set the first list’s values to get the contents of the second list.

IF this does work, you may want to add something to empty out the second list before you start using it, or just empty the second list when you’re done with it.

yep, this worked! thank you

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