🔵 Do subapps each have to have a DNS record to serve from subdomains?

@eve I was considering asking this question over support email but figured the community would get value from your answer.

We were anticipating upgrading to Bubble’s production plan to gain the ability to easily push Parent App updates to SubApps. We’ve since realized that doing this may require setting up a unique A record for each of our customers (each subapp). That would mean that if we wanted to host these customers at customerA.saas.com, customerB.saas.com, andcustomerC.saas.com, then we would have to create the following records in our DNS:


Is this correct?

If so, that’s a bit troubling because that would mean we’d essentially be broadcasting our customer list to the world via publicly visible DNS records. That’s not okay for several reasons.

So my ultimate question is, "Is there a way for us to route customer subdomains to their respective subapps without having to create a publicly visible record of each subdomain we support?

Or perhaps @codurly can chime in on an answer here seeing as you have experience with subapps?

Hey @zelus_pudding

Interesting question and idea! Currently, it’s not possible to generate these domain records on the fly in a way where they wouldn’t need to be listed in the DNS record.

That being said, it’s probably important to mention here that Subapps can be completely independent from their parent app when it comes to domain settings. So perhaps the simpler answer here would be to allow your clients to pick a domain of their choice that you would register with each of the sub apps on their behalf. This would solve the problem you’ve mentioned of having the client list somewhat publicly available as part of a DNS record.

Going forward, you might consider sharing this as an idea on our Idea board for other users to vote on. The product team is quite active in reviewing the ideas shared there and uses them to shape the future direction of our roadmap. I do see how it might be useful for there to be a mechanism in a parent app where sub apps inherit the parent’s DNS settings and run on a subdomain of some kind. This of course, would have some implications for SEO and discoverability if those sites aren’t listed in the DNS record, but I understand that in your particular case that would be an intended and desired outcome.

If this kicks up more questions, don’t hesitate to email us directly at [email protected]

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