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Do we have a bubble library?

Do we have a bubble library where we can find apps built by other users?
My intention is NOT ONLY to see what other users have done in bubble but also to access and copy that (public intended) apps in the library so I can try and modify, and boost my learning.

I know there is a gallery at
but there are some few examples and I think we have lots of users that maybe can/want contribute to build such library. - Showcase apps build by users

I don’t think there’s any library of apps which you can modify yet . And it’s better that way because users try to build their own ideas into apps and would like it if others don’t have any control over it .

But there is a website created by Nigel , where you can see in the bubble editor all the design and workflow logic

Notice that both are different websites


Thank you very much! I am just checking out one of those sites and I like the content!