Do When vs When?

Could someone please explain the difference in these workflows?

Is When triggered at page load and Do When happens even after its loaded? That would not make a lot of sense because you can check for page load. Is there a difference in how these 2 workflows work? I see you can set Do to execute only 1 time. A little confused.


(besides the obvious fact that one is testing for logged in vs out)

Hi @ryan16,

Bubble tutorial: Introduction - Bubble Docs

Do you have anything specific?
For example, if you perform a refresh, either one will be processed (with also Page is Loaded)

Sorry , I was asking about the difference in When and Do When, not logged in and logged out. I think I figured it out. Do allows you to set arbitrary conditions, while When is sort of a shortcut way to do several more specific prebuilt comparisons?


i’m getting it. You could probably create everything (if you were nuts) in Custom Action and get same results in a more time consuming way. If that’s correct then I think that would be a really key piece of knowledge that would help new users grasp Bubble. The amount of options is overwhelming for new users like myself. Knowing that they were just prebuilt template versions of this one kind of thing, an Action, would have save me a lot of hair pulling.