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Do workflow when new item enters list

Hello. I am trying to create almost a “chat” like feature in my app with very simple communication via users between text (not mobile phone text!) messages.

My premise is simple.

  1. When user presses button 1 - create new Message where “Content” is Input 1’s value

The users viewing this chatbox can now see this new message in an RG which is filtered by creation date.

What I want to do now is a number of things. For all users viewing the chatbox EXCEPT he who sent the message

  1. Play a howler (sound) alert
  2. Scroll to the new message
  3. Show an AirAlert (notification)

I am having trouble finding out how to identify when new data enters the database. Once I’ve figured this out, my next step should be simple in adding conditions to each workflow that say “Only do workflow when Message’s Creator is not Current User”.

Any help would be helpful as this is a crucial part of my app.

Thank you!

Stumped still - no reply from bubble support

You’ll need to use Database triggers for this. There is a video on Youtube for this exact scenario.

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Hi. Thanks, got this working kind of.

It only works the first time when a message is received, any further messages do not play the audio etc.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Anyone able to help