Do you create a page group to keep things within specific parameters?

Hi there,

I am noticing on pages that not having a group around the page contents makes it tough to build out the responsiveness.

Do you create a page contents group to house everything on a page so that you can set minimum and max widths?

Think of a group as a container. Your text elements, buttons, etc should all be housed in a group.

You really don’t need one entire group for the page in most cases.

Once the elements are in a group, you mostly just have to worry about the responsiveness for that group.

Make sense?

I usually create a group for mobile and desktop and just create 2 different webpages essentially. I then set each of them to disappear and reappear at different breakpoints

I was thinking about this. So do you have a Page-Desktop and then Page-Mobile and set a workflow to when current width is? Or just on the actual page element itself set the breakpoint to show. And then how do you deal with the widths in between i.e. tablet

if you use the responsive tab you can add “hide rules” for certain page widths. i usually just set all mine around the tablet size so when the screen is this small A group is hidden and when its this big B group is hidden