Do you have a better way to make this checklist?

The problem: I’m creating an app that is basically a checklist for items on a vehicle. I want to list all the items by compartment. Initially my solution was to create separate repeating groups, and display only the items for that compartment. The issue is I need new workflows for the pass/fail buttons in each compartment. With many vehicles and many compartments, this will get ugly.

The question: Is there a way to make this all on 1 repeating group, but still separate the items by compartment similar to what I have displayed currently?
Do you have a better idea as to how to go about this?

Thanks for helping!

I do this a lot. I would do it with a repeating group (RG) inside another RG.

So, you have 3 main concepts on your app:

  • check (or is it station?)
  • compartment
  • item

Where 1 test can have multiple compartments. Compartments can have multiple items.

It’s just a Russian doll of RGs:

  1. RG of all Checks
  2. inside of the Checks RG, an RG of all Compartments
  3. inside of the Compartment RG, an Items RG

From there you can put toggles to show/hide per level per RG, filter the RG of all Checks, etc.

I can go on and on. Let me know if this unblocks you.

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Awesome! I just tried it out and this should work for me. Thanks for your help! I may message you again if I have any questions about this that I can’t figure out. Thanks!