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Do you have a Startup idea? 💡

Hey :wave:t2:,

I just got my early access to a new online platform that helps entrepreneurs, builders, and creators to bounce around their idea and get valuable feedback from industry veterans. I thought I would share it with the Bubble community.

I know one of the co-founders, would be happy to share any feedback you guys might have.


Can I have one invite?

i filled in the form.

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Just sent you a DM with my last one :+1:t2:

Will try to get one for you :crossed_fingers:t2:

Great looking landing page!

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Sent you a DM.

Thanks @doublejay , will forward the compliment

I didn’t reseive it.

Thank you @shawnmi6

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Update: Seedhub’s team will be reaching out to Bubble to get special perks (startup credits) for new users joining via Seedhub.