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Do you have any native iOS app developer references?

In the next few months I am (hopefully) starting the dev process for a native iOS app based on the UI/UX of an existing Bubble app. Ideally this iOS app would integrate with the Bubble DB via existing API endpoints in order to keep the web app and native app in sync. Not seeking a Bubble-wrapped web app, I am looking for any references to people or companies that can provide a natively developed iOS app that takes advantage of iPhone hardware. In particular Apple’s Core Motion: accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer, and environment-related events.

Please send a PM if you have people to recommend for this type of work. Thanks :sunrise_over_mountains:

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Strange enough, nobody wants to help philip. Why?

Likely because most people on the forums here are not coders, and what he’s asking for is someone to build a native application for him. There are some tools out there that can do most of the job without code, such as Dropsource and Kinetise, but there aren’t many success stories floating around these forums of folks who have done it well.

I’m very well connected to developers, but everyone I know charges $150 per hour and up, which usually ends the conversation with members on this forum.


As far as I know there are a lot of offshore or outsourced developers who charge less =) unfortunately India-based companies

@st.sidny When I posted this I was seeking referrals from Bubblers specifically. As with most B2B vendors I’ve had better luck when someone can vouch for a business and it would’ve helped if a developer or agency had experience interfacing with Bubble’s backend. I’m aware I can search and find thousands of developers available for work, the goal was to narrow down my options to a reliable few.

OK, I see what you mean.