Do you have plans for offline Bubble apps?

just thought I would add to the mix, here is my take on a bubble play store release, complete with service workers, full firebase reference from cloud messaging, AdMob, fully compliant SHA-1 Fingerprints, Both storage & live database added, Firebase authentication with options to switch on email/phone/google/facebook/twitter/GitHub or anon and the flick of a switch - I built a firebase plugin to bring bubble and firebase in line no matter what directions a signup or login comes from, Also sign in quota and multiple address (freebie hoarder) detection thanks to firebase, native push notifications, crash reporting, cloud functions, remote parameters & dynamic linking.

I built it in android studio (canary)

and its now on Google Play

live location & event view.

Individual live user snapshot viewer.

![Screenshot_2017-10-02-09-54-10|281x500] (upload://brmx2hsSUXTdt5qWV8x3KBFX71M.jpg)

It was a fun little project to play with and to be honest if someone with no code experience was to go down this road, they would see the other side. maybe a keyboard and possibly a monitor or two down, but they would get there.

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