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Do you know a SEO successful Bubble website?

Hello, I’m surprised to see how poor are discussions about SEO, I’ve found one or two, i’ve read the manual, but it seems not to be a subject.

The fact Bubble has no pre-rendering (SSR) of pages is a major issue (read), even if bots can read pages, it consumes a lot of crawl budget, and it’s not a good thing.

Do you know any Bubble site that has had a great success with SEO? it would be interesting to see that Google is getting better with CSR.

It would be also so interesting for Bubble servers if static pages were cached… if you check payload, you can see so much server resources that are consumed, it would save so much server processing time, I hope that Bubble is seriously considering it!

I know that Bubble is considered essentially as a prototyping tool, but is not far from a real full web nocode solution. If we could just pre-render first rendering of the page and cache it, that would be a huuuuge step.


I think you should look into using a sitemap for your Bubble app. :sweat_smile:

Look into this:


Prerender seems like a good and affordable solution. @nocodeventure Any personal experience with it?

Zero experience, I would recommend reaching out to them. They might have an engineering team willing to set something up for Bubble developers =)


Thats a good suggestion.Thanks. I will need to as I don’t understand how to implement it w/o @bubble’s help and I don’t want to create a Wordpress landing page to improve SEO.

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Thanks for this interesting reply and resources!

Meanwhile, if you check SEO link juice principles that are really the heart of inner website SEO (basically how to help bots to understand your site’s tree), I’m not sure sitemaps will help much for that, but that’s a very good thing to know.

I would really be interested (and reassured) if we could find at least one showcase of site made with Google that had SEO success :wink:

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This is one of them :wink:


about, that’s something to consider, I will reach out to them :slight_smile: thanks!

also, I’m thinking about re-designing my interfaces because my load time is very low, maybe because there is a lot of possible interactivity (for admins)…


@nocodeventure SEMrush says “not so much success” ? :slight_smile: maybe SEMrush doesn’t know well how much trafic a CSR site makes?

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It depends on what you define as success, they are ranked at the top for “hire nocode developers”


thanks for telling me!
to me success is at least 200K visits per month of organic traffic. The keyword they are positionned on is the main of the website. With more deeper pages indexed, it would be able to drive much more success. Meanwhile, I found this topic which is a very little reassuring, but not much :wink: Any example of SEO success built on Bubble? - #4 by paritosh.mehta19

We’ve been trying to increase our SEO performance on Bubble with limited success. Performance seems to be a factor. If you run a lighthouse report on your site (you can do it right from Chrome) I can just about guarantee you will get less than an 8 /100 score for performance. Even if there is absolutely nothing on the page. Not great.

There are some things in bubble that should help SEO outside of performance like,

  • Ability to define H1/H2
  • Ability to add rich snippets (structured metadata)
  • Use of elements that result in ahref’s (not groups or workflows)
  • Page title and description

But unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much you can do about performance as far as SEO is concerned. There is a book someone wrote on optimizing Bubble performance but it won’t help with Google rankings when a blank page can’t even get a 10/100 lighthouse score.

I would love to see Bubble do something with pre-rendering (SSR). That would be a huge help. If you find a solution let me know!


I’ve been trying to improve my site’s SEO for months and it’s been a discouraging journey. The slow load times and CSR cause Google to score every single page a “Poor Performance”… even on my fastest pages.

Occasionally, Googlebot is rendering mobile pages with a desktop viewport, even though the viewport seems to be set appropriately. My assumption is that is has to do with CSR instead of SSR. This causes them to score very low, or not be indexed at all.

This is what i’ve done so far:

  1. Use Sitemap in conjunction with Google Search Console Tools.
  2. Set quality Title, Description, FB Data
  3. Set HTML Tag for key page elements (h1, h2, h3)
  4. Transform clickable elements to ahref links wherever possible.

Are there any other tips for improving Bubble SEO?


I had an idea of sorts, that would be weird… but might work.
Make a separate page, with ALL the dynamic SEO information you need, and have it only display the information based on URL param, and then redirect to the actual source of the page if it’s actually a user hitting the link.

Just a thought.

Google’s algorithm actually punishes sites for doing stuff like that.

So don’t test it on any sites where you care about ranking :wink:

Static Sitemap page link on footer may also help.


Hi @romain.boyer, did you have some breakthroughs on this topic with Prerender ? Thanks

Contacted them. Bubble isn’t on their priority list and they need access to server.

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Late to the party, but having released my site some months ago after many hard years of work, I have been up to my neck in SEO. I have found loads of useful stuff and have reached out to Bubble to be able to push this out in a better way than Forum for people to utilise.

One of the things I have found is the H1, H2 tags Google tools struggle with, as does its performance report through the Console output. Unfortunately the tools are not adept at analysing Bubble-type sites, but if you use a site i found called it shows you the site as the bots see it, and low and behold you can see the structure, and H tags. I went round the houses with this one, so save some time and check it out - completely free to analyse your pages.
If you want to compare your site to mine, put in any pages to check from:

Secondly on the performance, Google is not the best tool to use: is the best resource i have found to see an output of your site in ‘real terms’



Can you please post your SEO insights in this thread? We are creating a focused effort to solve Bubble’s SEO issues. It would be a huge frustration saver for the community.