Do You Know The "Elusive Expression Editing" Keystroke?

Hey Everyone…

I’ve used Bubble intensively now for 18 months, and there is one keystroke that continues to elude me…

So I’m editing an expression such as:

Event's Price's Currency

and I want to change it to read

Event's Price

So I delete the term Currency, and I have what I need…

But I don’t know what keystroke will tell Bubble “Yes, this please!”. Instead, I have to delete the term Price too, and then re-find it… and then Bubble is happy.

So, oh great Bubble gurus out there… what is the elusive keystroke? Having deleted the term Currency, what do I press to say “Yes, this please!” and make Bubble accept my command without having to re-find “Price”?

Knowing the answer would make me a very happy man… :slight_smile:

Hey Antony,

I think what you are looking for, is to click outside the expression altogether.


I used a fake icon in front of the input to simulate ‘enter’ as @mebeingken said.