😞 Do you know what is sad about the last announcement?

A while ago I started to use Bubble as a silver bullet to try to solve a big issue in my online business and I became completely in love and addicted to it. Not only with the tool itself, but with this community.

After 3 months studying and learning I became able to solve all my business problems and have also become so grateful to this community that I started to come here every single day to help others. Everyday.

Now, I am so disappointed with the announcement regarding the prohibitive prices that I don’t even have the will power to come here anymore. I felt betrayed. I felt sad. And I assume that every other user felt the same.

This amazing community is made by people who loves Bubble. And I don’t see this feeling around here anymore (at least, not today). You can check that almost every other post from today, here in the forum, is practically stopped. Nobody seems to care anymore. Everybody is looking outside the forum while thinking “I need to save myself” instead of being here thinking “how may I help this community to grow?”

How can I be here spending my time helping others if it’s me who needs help getting out of here?

I truly hope you reconsider this announcement terms.


You do know Emmanuel put a halt on the database limit thing, right?

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Hi @mikeloc !

Yes, I saw. But it is not clear what will be decided …

Well, that’s definitely true. It probably won’t be worse, though. :wink: