Do you singup users with a backend workflow?


I might have a stupid question but I can’t figure it out for myself.

I building an app that needs the maximum security Bubble can provide. The more secure, the better.

Should I let users singup (and login) with a backend workflow, so that when users click on the button ‘singup’ an API workflow calls a POST request to Bubble own server to do the singup process instead of the browser workflow itself.

I think it could prevent a ‘hacker’ from sending not wanted information with the browser workflow to my server.

Is this true? Could it provide more security? And if yes, is this API workflow (backend workflow) secure, because i don’t see any option to provide any private key etc?

I am fairly new to Bubble, and don’t have app security experience.

So anybody that can help me, thank you!

There’s no reason to process this way.
Bubble will salt and hash the password when sent to server/DB making it more secure.

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