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Doc to json conversion

Hello everyone!

I’m stuck and need help (facepalm) I’ve searched high and low for days now, I’m starting my new career in coding, i do have some experience on front-end, very little on back-end. I’m trying to be super productive and intentional with my best business practices as I go through solving 1 issue at a time for a client while build their website.

I am needing help with trying to figure out if I can take this word .doc and convert it to json, so then I can then upload it into bubble and use in the database. Several questions to this, in the doc file, is it recommended that I should organize each set of data with titles first like: (Name: John Doe) or can I just leave it as it was handed to me with just the name? I ask, because with technology these days, the AI can figure out most writing when converting to other files.

Other thing is, if I can not go from word .doc to json, would I have to go like .doc to text, text to json instead?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance!