Docket. Unlimited Web support, one monthly price

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to post another creation, Docket.
Docket is a simple application. It is an on-demand web support service for micro-tasks, everyday online business owners may require assistance with.

You simply pay one flat fee per month and receive unlimited “Dockets”. With Docket’s time guarantee, if your task isn’t completed in the timeframe your plan specifies, you receive a cash refund of $50.

This app was a fun, simple one to build. We required a clean and intuitive interface for users to create their Dockets, manage the progress of submitted Dockets and their profile. The most fun was had ensuring Stripe and Docket spoke to eachother in realtime ensuring users accounts are kept at billed standard without any issues that may cause “free” Dockets. We also added in failed charge attempts and next billing day, to keep the user on-top of their account.

You can check it out at the link below, feedback is always appreciated!