docMaker PDF template - repeating group

I have to admit defeat and ask for help!

I have a staff professional development database. What I’m trying to do is create a PDF from a docx template (generate a PDF report from data in a repeating group). I have watched the docMaker videos several times, looked at the workflows in the editors, Googled, tweaked, etc but can’t seem to figure out what I’m mucking up.

I thought I’d managed to fix my initial issue of every list item appearing on the one line, but now I’ve ended up with a JSON error. Even when I work backwards and delete bits, and check the JSON in a validator, bubble still has a conniption.

Anyway, if anyone wants to have a look, it’s here, or there are screenshots:

Debug 2
Debug 3

Thanks in advance !

@elian? :slight_smile:

Hi @gwe , sorry I did not see your message earlier, it seems that there are issue with my forum notifications.
From your screenshots I can see that indeed your JSON is invalid. The fact that you are using a list data (“unique elements”) outside of a JSON loop is definitely an issue.
We can fix it together in a video call if you want, here is my calendly: Calendly - docMaker
Don’t hesitate to book a slot!

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