Doctor needs some help!

Hello bubble community!! I am probably going to be frequenting this forum a fair amount over the next few months…

I am an adult intensive care doctor currently working in paediatric ICU… eek! A lot of what I do dealing with adults is automatic; with children things are less fluid. Drug doses, ventilator setting and the like are all different depending on the age, weight, and patient specific factors. This really takes up a lot of bandwidth when you are dealing with critically unwell children.

I want to make an app to solve this problem for doctors working on our unit in the future. I want the app to have the following features:

  1. Drop down drug dose calculators:
    • drop down menu for drug names which will be separated by classification e.g. antibiotics
    • ability to enter age and weight to calculate appropriate dose
    • some drugs have different doses depending on indication; this will need to be included
  2. Equipment guide
    • text files with info on various bits of kit that may include some videos/animations
  3. Teaching section:
    • we deliver teaching sessions each week - these will be uploaded to the app
  4. Interactive teaching:
    • A case will be presented; trainees then interact remotely - bit like WhatsApp.

I would like to know if it realistic for me, a complete novice, to build such an app? I imagine all the above points will be achievable with the exception of point 4.

Based the provided items, yes, they are possible with Bubble, but point 4 may require integrating with another system. You should be able to build a lot of this yourself as long as you’re somewhat technically inclined and have the time to learn. Otherwise, there are multiple Bubble certified agencies that could help you quickly build this in a few weeks.

Regarding point 4, @sridharan.s did something similar with his Meetaway app.

it can be done. I’ve worked in medical field with different technologies, I will try to help you after Wednesday if you can wait.

Wow thanks - that’s so nice of you! Of course I can wait.

I’m just looking through some documentation/videos now.

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Thanks for the tips. I have a whole week off in two weeks time. Plan to play around for a bit and then actuallly start when I’m off.

This community seems really friendly.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Make sure you get the right freelancer to help you or your app will need the emergency room

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